12/08/2005 11:01:00 PM|W|P|Jay Flowers|W|P|So I have just finished with the first version of a new product.  It is a canned CI server and installation script.  I have boiled down what should vary in any given software development organisation's projects’ CI servers to the project name and the port that CCNET will use.  It uses a plugin architecture, notice the Packages directory.

  The current feature set includes support for:

I hope to have support for Subversion, Jira, Java, jUnit, CoverageEye, nDepend, FxCop, and Simmian soon.  Each project has two CCNET projects a light and a heavy one.  A light build is short and a heavy build is long.  The light build is set to trigger off source control and the heavy build is a scheduled event.  A little bit further down the road I hope to have a dashboard that includes reports trending the data generated in the build.  Morten has been kind and offered to host a Confluence space and Jira project for the product.  After Berlios gets back to me on the project creation I can set up a SubVersion repo.  In the meantime you can experiment with an alpha.  Edit the Arguments.xml (or not) and run the Install.xml (nant -buildfile:Install.xml).  It expects that the directory “C:\Source Safe DataBases” specified in the Arguments exits.  You will need to have Visual Source Safe installed as it creates a new one.  The “Admin” user’s password is “” and there is one more user “build” with password “password”.  After the install script completes, 20 to 30 secs, run the C:\Projects\TestProject\Current\Build\CCNETServer.Bat file.  The initial build should be successful.  You can get to the web page at http://localhost/TestProject.  There is no documentation at the moment but this is the first release.  If all goes well you should see a rapid progression to a more complete product.

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